Blood on the Sun - Full Movies []

Genres: Drama
Language: English
Running time: 1:31:51
Released: 1945
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)


James Cagney As Joe
Sylvia Sidney As Iris Hilliard
Wallace Ford As Ollie Miller
Porter Hall As Arthur Beckett
Robert Armstrong As Col. Tojo
John Emery As Premier Tanaka
Rosemary de Camp As Edith Miller
Marlene Ammes As Nick's Daughter
James Barton As Kit Carson
William Bendix As Nick
Reginald Beane As Wesley
Wayne Morris As Tom
Jeanne Cagney As Kitty Duval
Gladys Blake As Sidekick
Broderick Crawford As Policeman
Leonard Strong As Hijikata
Frank Puglia As Prince Tatsugi
John Halloran As Capt. Oshima
Gregory Gaye As American Newspaperman in Tokyo


Frank Lloyd , H.C. Potter


William Cagney , William Cagney

In his first film in two years, James Cagney stars as Nick Condon, the American editor of a pre-WW2 Tokyo newspaper. When two of his best friends are horribly murdered, Condon suspects that the "peaceful" Japanese military government is up to no good. He dedicates himself to getting his hands on the "Tanka Plan," a Japanese blueprint for conquering the world, and bringing this document to the attention of the Free World. As a result, he is tar...

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