Return Of The Street Fighter - Full Movies []

Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime, Foreign Film
Language: English
Running time: 1:19:35
Released: 1975


Sonny Chiba As Terry Sugury Yôko Ichiji
Masashi Ishibashi
Claude Gagnon
Hiroshi Tanaka
Masafumi Suzuki
Yoko Ichiji


Shigehiro Ozawa


Hajjime Koiwa , Kôji Takada

After attracting notoriety at movie theaters around the world (along with plenty of profits) with the brutal kung-fu hit The Street Fighter, the character of Terry Tsugury (Chiba) was quickly revived for Return of the Street Fighter. This time, Tsugury is hired by Japanese mobster Otaguru (Tanaka) to kill a pair of captured employees so they cannot inform on his activities (he has teamed with the American mafia under the guise of building a ma...

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