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Watch Hindi Crime Thriller - 99.9 FM. Starring: Shawar Ali, Dipannita Sharma, Jaipreet Nagra and Raima Sen. Director: Sanjay Bhatia. Synopsis: Gautam Singh meets with a beautiful air hostess, Sonali, and soon both fall in love. Before they could get married, Sonali dumps him and leaves him devastated and heart-broken. On the rebound, he meets with Kim and gets married to her. The couple re-locates to Mumbai, where Gautam works as a radio jockey for a FM station called 99.9. One day while shopping he meets with Sonali and both of them re-kindle their romance. Sonali wants to marry Gautam, and wants him to divorce Kim. But Gautam tells her that he has no reason for divorcing Kim. Torn between two women, Gautam decides to kill one of them. Who will Gautam murder? Will he succeed in the gruesome task of killing one of the women?

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