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Description :
Super Hit Action Movie Aadha Din Aadhee Raat. (1977)

Synopsis : Kedar Miya, an ordinary Tangewala from the hutments lives by his faith and Idealism. With great efforts he makes "Gopal" the son of his old master, a Doctor, who is supposed to give life, not to take Life. Kedar Miya is happy when he believes that his dream is being fulfiled. But Gopal is even now constantly haunted by the tragedy that took place in his childhood. His youthful elder sister Sita and his younger brother Jagan were abducted by villainous Gulshan and his men Patel and Rangi. Gopal's mother dies with this shock, before innocent Gopal's eyes. This tragedy leaves a deep and an unerasable scar on Gopal's heart and mind. Revenge becomes his motto. One day, in college Gopal and Radha meet. Initially, they quarrel with each other. Then Radha professes her love for him. Gopal explains to Radha that there is no place for love in his life, he has a mission to fulfil. Radha who is as obstinate and adamant as Gopal, pursues her love, but in vain! Unintentionally Radha leads Gopal to villain Gulshan one day. Now, the devil in Gopal's heart, which was hidden so far, rises to its height.

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