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Watch Hindi Action Thriller Movie - Aaj Ka Nanha Farishta. Starring: Paresh Rawal, Raj Babbar, Ishrat Ali, Sujata Mehta. Director: Pratap Barot. Synopsis: Amirchand Gupta along with his men Shera and Inspector Naagraj kill honest constable Ram singh and set his house on fire. Ram Singh's son Ashok escapes the blaze and gets adopted by a wealthy couple with a daughter Guddi. Years later, Ashok goes for training to become a Police Officer. After his training gets over, he returns home to find that Guddi has been raped, his foster father killed. Ashok's swears revenge but his inquiries in the case are hampered by his superior officer, who is none other than ACP Naagraj. Soon Ashok is killed by the Gupta, Shera and Naagraj. But his soul won't rest until justice is served and Ashok's spirit hijacks the body of a young boy named Suraj. How will a little boy manage to put an end to the three dangerous criminals?

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