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Description :
Neel alias Neelkanta (Upendra) and Agastya (Priyamani) are siblings. Purse alias
Parasuram (Raja) is their buddy. The two police families get separated from each other as tragedy
strikes in the death of their fathers with the manipulation of their jealous colleague Naik (Suman).
Twenty years pass by. Neel, who turns a dreaded gangster, thinks that his father was killed by
Parasuram's father (who is also no more). So, he wants to kill Parasuram, his buddy, to take revenge.
Interestingly, Parasuram, who works as Police informer, falls in love with Neel's sister. After a couple
of flashback episodes, Neel realizes his fallacy and wants the marriage of Parasuram and Agastya.
When the duo (Neel and Parasu) are about to kill Naik (who is now Police commissioner), he commits
suicide. But, in the climax fighting, Neel is shot in the chest. After death, Neel wishes good luck to
Parasu and Agastya -- as he travels amidst clouds dressed in his typical "Upendra" style.

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