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Description :
Once upon a time action films director Joe Simon has picked a story
that is all about nexus between politicians and underworld dons. On the other
hand youth power is focused by the director as the rulers of India tomorrow. The
real life Member of Legislative Assembly B.C.Patil plays the underworld don and
supporting actor Avinash is the politician. Krishne Gowda is the head of the
youth wing. The politicians make use of underworld dons to remain in power for
ever. When they are behind bars they do not care for their safety. That is
opposed by the underworld dons in this film. Meanwhile the youth power wages
war on both politicians and underworld dons. Who is the winner? How the
crooked politician throw tantrum on his own daughter, underworld dons and
mislead the youth power is the climax. The underworld dons reform in life and
takes oath not to back the back biting politicians

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