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Description :
Jeetendra as Deepak is a truck driver. One day he meets with haughty snobbish and popular singerReena Roy as Asha. He assists her with her travel and the two become friends. Deepak loves Rameshwari as Mala introduces her to him mom and soon they are married. Mala has eye problems and eventually loses her sight. While travelling Deepak has an accident and his body is nowhere to be found. Sulochna Latkar as Deepaks mom blames a pregnant Mala for this bad luck and throws her out of the house. Mala gives birth to a baby girl and both live a very poor and destitute life. Deepak has met with Asha several times and would like to marry her. Asha would also like to marry Deepak. And then Asha finds out that Mala is still alive and she must now decide to withhold that information from Deepak so she could marry him instead or tell him the truth and lose him forever.

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