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Description :
Kedarnath (Saeed Jaffrey) is a wealthy man with many enemies. One day, a taxi-driver, Dilher Singh (Navin Nischol), saves his life, but is killed in action. Kedarnath is grateful and is willing to look after Dilher's widow and son. But his enemies find out about this, and substitute a woman named Sheela and her son, Vikram, instead. The real widow is killed by them, and her son, Jimmy (Saif Ali Khan), is looked after by a kind-hearted poor man, Jaggu (Kader Khan), and his son, Gulu, who make their living stealing and begging. Years later, Jimmy and Gulu have grown up but are still stealing. Jimmy, on the run from hoods, ends up in Delhi, impersonating Rakesh Rajpal, and meets Jyoti (Mamta Kulkarni) and falls in love with her. Jyoti introduces him to her dad Ranvir (Pankaj Dheer), who is none other than Kedarnath. It is here that the drama unfolds, bringing back past memories and crimes. Will the truth be set free amidst the wickedness of the enemies?

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