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In an oasis in the middle of the Persian desert lives Abdullah (Raj Kapoor), a devout Muslim helping thirsty travelers. In the same desert lives a cruel and blood thirsty bandit named Khaleel (Danny Denzongpa) who terrorizes the people and loots their caravans. Abdullah's friend, Ameer, informs him that Khaleel has raided a settlement nearby, killing everyone except for Yashoda, a pregnant woman. Soon Ameer is killed and a mortally wounded Yashoda gives birth to a boy, names him Krishna and asks Abdullah to care of the child. Abdullah overcomes his fears of bringing up a Hindu boy, and looks after Krishna as his own. Meanwhile, Khaleel's sorcerer predicts that Khaleel is going to die at the hands of Krishna. Khaleel abducts Krishna and readies him for sacrifice that will get rid of any threats against him. Abdullah along with a noble Sheikh Mohammed-Al-Kamal (Sanjay Khan) sets out to find Krishna and bring an end to Khaleel. Can Abdullah save the child before it's too late?

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