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Abhinetri - Bollywood Movie. Producer : Subodh Mukerji, Director : Subodh Mukerji Cast : Shashi Kapoor, Nazima, Nazir Hussain, Nirupa Roy, Deb Mukerji, Hema Malini.
Synopsis: Abhinetri is a complete family drama. It shows you how a son tries to make her mother happy by showing her that he is living a happily married life when he actually is not. An assistant scientist Shekhar and Anjana who is a stage dancer and singer meet by chance which finally results in love. Shekar's mother lives separately and approves of Anjana as a daughter-in-law, and both get married. Anjana stops her dancing and singing, and both spent the next several months in relative harmony. Then Anjana thinks that Shekar is spending more time in the laboratory than with her, and she decides to take up dancing and singing, which does not go well with Shekar. Arguments happen regularly, and both decide to live separately. When Shekar's mom comes to visit Shekar, both he and Anjana compromise to live together to fool his mother. Will they succeed in pulling wool over her eyes?

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