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Shankar's marriage is arranged. Only during the ceremony does he realise that his bride, Gouri, is the girl he had set eyes on in the mela where he had seen her with her grandmother. The wedding night! Innocent Gouri wants to know what Shankar is doing in her bedroom? Frustrated, Shanker spends the first night, and subsequent nights, sleeping on an uncomfortable sofa. Gouri goes to visit her parents, yet untouched, unspoiled, Shanker pours his heart out in his letters to her but they are ignored. Gouri returns, and flies into a rage when she discovers Shanker has opened a letter addressed to her. What right has he to do so? What right, asks Shankar? A husband has no right? He tries to forcibly embrace her, she screams, pushes him aside, calls him a brute. Her innocence still unscathed. Gouri goes to attend her friend Radha's wedding where she realises that women change with marriage. She feels the compelling urge to return home, to Shanker,her husband. Overnight, she transforms into a dutiful daughter-in-law, a responsible wife, only to discover that Shanker is not there.She comes to know that he has left for his college hostel during Gouri's absence. Months pass without any news or letter from him. Its mela time again and Shankar comes back to the spot where he had first seen Gouri. He meets Radha and her husband, but where is Gouri? Gouri, is keeping a vigil for the man she loves, the man, whom she so ardently desires. Shankar comes home to fall into her embrace, to his wife who, at last, has awakened.

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