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Description :
Watch Hindi Action Adventure Movie - Alibaba Marjinaa. Starring: Prem Krishan, Tamanna, Shakti Kapoor, Amrish Puri. Director: Kedar Kapoor.
Synopsis: Alibaba is a young man living with his mother and a married brother, Qasim. While Alibaba is poor and kind, Qasim is married to a wealthy woman and is greedy in nature. Once, Alibaba comes across a beautiful princess named Marjinaa who is being sold in the slave market. Alibaba borrows money from Qasim and buys Marjinaa. Marjinaa is grateful and decides to stay with Alibaba as his slave for the rest of her life. Alibaba wants to end slavery, but is unable to do anything as he does not have money. Luck strikes when Alibaba comes across immense wealth in a secret cave belonging to dangerous thieves. As Alibaba loots the wealth from the caves secretly he becomes rich much to the dismay of Qasim. Will Qasim be able to satisfy his greed? What will happen when the thieves find out about Alibaba and Qasim? What plans do Alibaba and Marjinaa put forward to tackle the dangerous thieves?

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