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Super Hit Movie Amrapali (1966)
Synopsis : His hunger for conquest not satiated, even after repeated victories, Samrat Ajaatshatru of Magadh would like to continue on his winning spree, as the only unconquered city is that of Vaishali. His astrologers forewarn him; his Senapati cautions him that his army is tired and needs to rest; his very own mother refuses to let take part in any war - but he refuses to listen to anyone and hastens to war - which leads to subsequent defeat at the hands of the Vaishali army. Wounded, lost, and on the run from enemy soldiers, Ajaatshatru dons the guise of a Vaishali soldier and takes shelter with a woman named Amrapali. When he recovers both find that they are in love with each other. Ajaatshatru finds an ally in Senapati Badbadhra Singh and both start to plot against Vaishali - this time by reducing the number of soldiers, making them addicted to alcohol, poor training methods, and poor pay - thus demoralizing them, and paving the way for an easy victory for Magadh. When the Samrat of Vaishali finds out that Amrapali, who is now the Raj Nartaki (Princely Courtesan) and has been having an affair with the Samrat of Magadh - he sentences her to prison in a dungeon for the rest of her life. Ajaatshatru is enraged at this, he gathers together his armies, and storms the unsuspecting Vaishalis and virtually burns the city down, killing almost everyone in it. This accomplished, he rushes to free his beloved from the dungeons. He does set her free - but it is not the same Amrapali - this Amrapali is quite different and not at all thrilled to be in the presence of her conqueror lover.

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