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Description :
Saroj (Pallavi Joshi) is a wheel-chair bound, handicap girl who undergoes a lot of struggle and depression due to her condition. Her family approaches many doctors so that she is cured and can walk, but all their attempts fail. Saroj's life takes a violent turn when a dangerous gangster named Raja (Raj Babbar) kills the Chief Minister and takes refuge in her house. With no one in the house Saroj becomes the hostage at the hands of Raja and the police surround the house under the charge of Senior Police Inspector, Subhash Pandekar (Nana Patekar). Subhash devises a plan to send a nurse into the house in the pretext of attending to Saroj. Will this plan of Inspector Subhash work or backfire, putting everyone's life in danger? Is Raja a ruthless killer or a victim of circumstances? Can Saroj survive the hostage situation?

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