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Anhonee - Classic Bollywood Movie - Raj Kapoor & Nargis - 1952. Featuring : Nargis, Raj Kapoor, Agha, David, Achla, Badri Prasad, Om Prakash. Director : K. A. Abbas. Producer : K. A. Abbas. Music : Roshan. Synopsis : Roop (Nargis), is a wealthy heiress, who learns that she has a half sister named Mohini (Nargis). Mohini has grown up in the city's red light district. Roop invites Mohini to come home and insists that she shares everything she has. Roop doesn't mean the invitation to include her fiancé, the most handsome Rajkumar (Raj Kapoor). Meanwhile, Mohini has some other ideas in her mind. Roop and Mohini look identical, and soon Roop realizes that Mohini has fallen in love with Rajkumar. She then decides to sacrifice her own happiness in harmony, regardless of her father's sins.

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