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Description :
Jimmy (Sunil Shetty) is an underworld don, working with his brother, the more influential and powerful, Raghav (Ashutosh Rana). Jimmy hangs around with his childhood friend, Sameer (Gautam Rode) who also joins Jimmy's gang. Jimmy's sister, Preeti (Preeti Jhangiani) and Sameer fall in love and Jimmy gets into the bad books of Don Dayal (Tinnu Anand) who wants him dead. Dayal tells Raghav to finish off Jimmy. Things take a twist when Preeti comes to know that Sameer is an undercover cop working with Don Iqbal (Sanjay Dutt) to destroy the crime empire of Raghav and Dayal. Can Jimmy escape the erupting gang war with his own brother wanting to kill him? Can Sameer vanquish the underworld and unite with Preeti?

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