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Description :
Vasuda (Seema Dev) is an ambitious nurse in love with a struggling singer, Shyam (Ramesh Dev). They want to get married but their poor financial condition plays a hindrance. Vasudha gets a job as caretaker of rich heiress, Asawari (Indrani Mukherjee) who is suffering from a serious ailment and doesnt have much time. Vasuda comes to know that Asawari is in love with Shyam as well. Vasudha hits on a plan to marry Shyam with Asawari, so that he will get Asawari's property after her death. Shyam agrees with a lot of reluctance. After the marriage, Asawari starts recovering fast and Vasudha gets insecure. In desperation, Vasuda pressurizes Shyam to kill her. What does Shyam do? Will he go ahead with Vasuda's devious plan?

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