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Description :
Synopsis-Aseema - Beyond Boundaries is a maiden project by KJ Dream Ventures. The film
is based on the acclaimed Oriya novel 'Aseema' written by the noted Oriya poet and novelist
Sailaja Kumari Aparajita Mohanty and is the story of a young woman played by Gracy Singh.
The film takes you through her journey of life as she displays the strength of her character
by sheer resilience and conviction in order to achieve all her goals single-handedly, thereby
creating her own identity in the society. Along with the subject of womanhood, the film also
brings in the theme of true love - love that is beyond any boundaries. It promises to depict
various definitions of love that have seldom been explored before. It's a story that redefines
relationships and revives unadulterated love.
The film also promises to explore various emotions like love, dreams, hopes, expectations,
sacrifices and strength, making it a complete rollercoaster ride. It is a commercial film with
a hint of realistic cinema that promises to appeal to Indian audiences around the globe.

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