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Description :
Deepak (Rajesh Khanna), a young musician meets a Kashmiri girl, Jyoti (Reena Roy) and they both fall in love with each other. Deepak assures Jyoti that he will marry her after he gets approval from his parents and leaves for Bombay. Deepak's father, Ramesh Chander is a wealthy businessman and would like his son to get married to Asha (Rekha), the daughter of his close friend, Badriprasad. However, Deepak does not show any interest in this proposal, but instead makes it clear that he wants to marry Jyoti. But when Deepak returns to Kashmir, Jyoti's father informs him that Jyoti got married and that he forget her. A shattered Deepak returns home and is compelled to marry Asha. But soon Deepak is tormented when Jyoti resurfaces in his life along with his newborn baby. How will Deepak untangle his life thrown into chaos and disbelief?

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