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Description :
Comedy movie Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri (1990)

Raman (Kader Khan) an incorrigible cheat grooms his son Prasad (Shakti Kapoor) in his trade. Master conmen they swindle everybody including Ramans widowed sister Gayatri (Anjana Mumtaz). She is sent to a mental asylum and her son Ravi is abandoned. Ravi grows up to become a local bully Ravi Dada (Jackie Shroff), who extorts money to support his foster sister Anitas (Sabeeha) studies. Ravis competition in the extortion racket Rozy (Farha), but both soon fall in love. Anitas fiancee Anil (Aditya Pancholi) meets Gayatri and brings her home and swears to bring Raman to book. Raman hires Ravi to finish him off. But when Ravi realizes his blunder he repents. Gayatri reunites with her son. Now the threesome of Ravi, Rozy and Anil gang up against the father and son duo on one hand and on the other, swoop down upon Gullu Maharaj (Gulshan Grover), who had exterminated Ravis father - a honest Customs sleuth Pratap Singh (Vijay Arora), a Rozys father DSouza (Bharat Bhushan), who had been killed while trying to save Pratap Singh. A war of wits thus ensues and culminates into an explosion of tummy-tickling laugh riot, a climax extraordinaire!

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