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Description :
Movie Baarish (1957).
Synopsis : Baarish is the story of love and revenge set on the back drop of a grimy 'basti' in the populated town of India.
Our hero Ramu (Dev Anand) is but one of those carefree youth from a 'basti' living among the thieves and murderers. However Ramu spend his time with his beloved hobby, pigeon raring. Then one day this young man is horrified to see his only brother murdered in cold blood -- why and by whom he does not know! All he knows is REVENGE! Forgetting all else, he vows to track down the men who had robbed him of his only relation.

He recognizes Bihari, the local gang lord as the man who murdered his brother and is now at large. A grim task to locate Bihari, it becomes all the more difficult for one in love, for there is Chanda (Nutan), the girl he loves. Than, on his wedding night, Ramu gets that opportunity to confront Bihari. Leaving Chanda, his bride of but a couple of hours, Ramu sets off to settle his account with Bihari in the storming rain.
Not long gone, the news of Ramu's death at the hands of Bihari spreads in the 'basti'. But is Ramu really dead ? Or was he lurking in the shadows --hidden by the pouring rain, waiting for his chance-still waiting to avenge his brother's death before returning to his bride's arms?

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