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Description :
Renowned stage actress, Neela (Waheeda Rehman) is arrested for the murder of Ranjan (Chandrashekhar) and she confesses to committing the crime. But in police custody, Neela tries to commit suicide. A young man, Rajesh (Dev Anand) arrives on the scene and saves her life. Rajesh who is a criminal lawyer, gets intrigued by Neela's case and meets Neela's wailing mother. Through her he comes to know of Neela turning into a renowned stage actress from an ordinary girl, dancing in public to earn a living for her family. Rajesh starts digging Neela's past and in a quest to solve the murder mystery, falls in love with her. Rajesh sets out to prove Neela's innocence and exonerate her at any cost. Will Rajesh succeed in saving Neela? What truly happened on the fateful night of the murder?

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