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Description :
On the night of Diwali, Kishorilal's family is massacred by his wicked partner Raja Saheb (Kader Khan) but Kishorilal's daughter, Geeta escapes the blood bath and vows to destroy the murderers. Raja Saheb wife, Durga is shocked by her husband's cruelty and takes their two sons and a daughter and flees far from his evil shadow. However, the two children get separated from her and grow up to become notorious dacoits - Shera (Dharmendra)and Lakhan(Sunil Dutt), each unaware of the other. Shera becomes a cold ruthless dacoit while Lakhan is a robber helping the poor. Both Shera and Lakhna fall in love with Geeta (Reena Roy) who has grown up to become a gypsy dancer. Geeta falls in love with police inspector Amar (Jeetendra) who is in pursuit of takling down the notorious criminals, Shera and Lakhan. Now the three men must battle their way to win Geeta whose life is spiraling out of control in her quest for revenge.

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