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The Zamindar (Nazir Hussain) has two sons, Raghu from his first marriage and Vikram from his second. Both his sons are the exact opposites. Raghu (Guru Dutt) is a simple-minded and innocent young man while Vikram (Feroz Khan) is cruel and domineering. Both Vikram and his mother (Lalita Pawar) mistreat Raghu and subject him to various hardships. The Zamindar proposes marriage between a smart village girl, Padma (Mala Sinha) and his oppressive son, Vikram. But on the day of the wedding, Padma ends up getting married to Raghu. When Padma comes to know how her husband's being treated over the years, she vows to set things right, and in the process falls in love with him. Inspired by her love, fearlessness and attitude, Raghu begins to find the courage to resist his oppressors.

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