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Description :
Deepak (Abhishek) and his wife Neeta (Geetanjali) along with their son decide to leave the chaotic city life and move to their village. In the village they take care of their farm land and lead a happy life. Ajit Kumar Bihari is a wicked land lord who wants to take over Deepak's farm land and also has set sight on the beautiful Neeta. Things take a tragic turn when Deepak dies in a car accident leaving Neeta to fend for herself and her son. Wicked Bihari tries to take advantage of Neeta's plight and plots devious plans to get to her. A stranger (Danny Denzongpa) enters the scene and saves Neeta and acts as a protector to her family. Who is the stranger? Can he stop the wicked Bihari? Was Deepak's death accident or cold blooded murder?

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