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Description :
Synopsis : The movie is about a young boy named Madhu (Ramesh) who is fond of motorbikes. Mercy
(Priyamani) and Esther (Janavi) who are his two friends in the hostel. Mercy is a kind and humble girl and
believes in Jesus while Esther is exactly opposite to Mercy. She is a wild, reckless girl and who dresses
glamorously and teases Esther and makes fun of everyone.
Once Madhu kisses Esther in a public place in front of several people, after winning a bet for which the prize
was kissing. Madhu often meets Mercy in the hostel. One day he expresses his love to her. But Mercy refuses
to reciprocate his love. After Mercy finishes her exams, she leaves for her home town Mahi on vacation. Madhu follows her all the way to
Mahi. However Mercy's father Siluvai encourages Mercy to study and build a career for herself so as to attain a good social status.
Madhu wins the sympathy of Siluvai and soon becomes his favorite pupil. Madhu trails Mercy wherever she goes and becomes a distraction
to Mercy on her chosen path. Esther comes to know about their affair and her character undergoes dramatic change Siluvai too comes to
know about their affair and the film hurtles towards a sweet climax

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