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Nirbhay Saxena (Naseeruddin Shah) is a renowned professor who values his self respect more than anything else. His younger brother Vijay (Ajay Devgan) goes to college where he meet Honey (Urmila Matondkar) and after a few altercations both fall in love with each other. The lives of the Saxena family is disrupted when two lakh rupees are stolen from Vijay which were to be used for his sisters wedding. Vijay in desperation to get the money back, accepts a contract to kill a man named Gulla - not knowing that he is being set-up to kill none other than Nirbhay himself. Behind all the menace is the villain K.K. (Kiran Kumar) who is seeking revenge against Nirbhay and will unleash hell to tear Nirbhay's family apart. To put an end to all the evil plans of K.K., Nirbhay and Vijay must unite and turn merciless to fight the odds stacked against them. With thrilling action and high voltage drama, Can the two brothers spell doom for K.K?

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