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Description :
Two Gypsy lovers, Nisha (Dimple Kapadia) and Suraj (Mithun Chakraborty) get married after much opposition from their family but meet a brutal end at the hands of the wicked Thakur (Anupam Kher). On their wedding night, Thakur arranges for Suraj to be killed and attempts to rape Nisha in his mansion. To protect her honor, Nisha jumps off the roof of the mansion and kills herself while Suraj gets murdered. Nisha transforms into a vengeful spirit haunting the mansion and swears to destroy Thakur at any cost. Twenty years later, Kiran (Meenakshi Sheshadri) the only child of Thakur returns from Britain and introduces her husband Suraj to her father. Thakur is shocked to see that Suraj is the exact look-alike of Nisha's husband, he got murdered 20 years ago. In the mansion, Suraj is plagued by visions of Nisha who wants to make Suraj her own and ruin the life of Thakur and Kiran. Thakur seeks the help of a powerful Tantrik baba (Shakti Kapoor) to do away with the restless spirit of Nisha. Will Tantrik Baba be able to put Nisha spirit to rest? Will Suraj escape Nisha or fall prey to the vengeful spirit?

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