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Description :
Kundan (Suniel Shetty) along with his younger brother Krishna (Kunal Khemu) lives in a small hilly village. Kundan, constantly comes under the attack of corrupt policemen and lawbreakers in the area and decides to move to the city. Kundan finds a job and settles in the city with the help of honest lawyer Satyaprakash (Om Puri) and his two daughters Pooja (Pooja Batra) and Meenu (Sonali Bendre). Trouble brews in the city with Don David (Ashish Vidyarthi) and Malik (Rajendra Gupta) who are arch rivals, fighting to come to power. Their crime world is fueled by the corrupt minister Mantri who uses them for his own gain. When lawyer Satyaprakash attempts to put David behind bars, he is brutally murdered along with Krishna who witnesses the scene. Now Kundan seeks revenge on David and sets out on a slaughter that ultimately makes him the 'Bhai' of the city. Kundan marries Pooja, and has a son but their lives are under constant threat from enemies in the form of fallen underworld dons and Mantri. Can Kundan survive the treacherous plans of his enemies? How much blood will be shed for the survival of Kudan and his family?

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