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Description :
Bhai - The lion - Bollywood Movie - 2007. Director : Srivasu Cast : Gopuichand, Jagpatibabu, Mukesh Tiwari, Anushka, Music : Mani Sharma.
Synopsis: The film starts with a flashback that lasts for over two hours. ACP Bose (Jagapati Babu) is a sincere police officer happily married and lives with his parents and younger brother Chandu (Gopichand). Chandu is a college student and he falls in love with his classmate Indu (Anushka). Enter the villain. He is Shankar (Yashpal Sharma) who is notorious for settlements and land deals. He kills anyone who comes in his way and does not leave any evidence or witness behind. He takes a loan of 100 crores from a private bank with the help of a conniving DGP and a politician, he kills the bank's chairman in order to avoid repayment and puts the blame on Bose. Bose tries to stop all of Shankar's plots. Chandu also gets into disputes with Shankar and ultimately puts an end the his menace.

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