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Description :
Ram (Shatrughan Sinha) is the Superintendent of Police whose life is shattered by the brutal rape and murder of his wife. The Police launch a manhunt for the killers and Ram gets a clue that leads him to Bhavani Junction. There he meets with his childhood friend, Raja Bhavani Pratap (Shashi Kapoor), who virtually rules Bhavani junction. Bhavani Pratap instructs his Police Chief to find the killers at any cost. Ram finds out that the real culprit is Rakesh, but will have to enter a violent clash as Rakesh happens to be the only son of Bhavani Pratap. Ram sets out to arrest Rakesh while Bhavani Pratap vows to never surrender his son to Ram. Can Ram decimate Bhavani Pratap's defenses and take Rakesh in custody?

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