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Description :
Thakur Harnam (Amjad Khan), the rich landlord has taken control of the villages and oppressed the farmers for many years. A poor peseant, Raka and his wife are killed by Thakur's men and their two daugthers, Asha (Asha Sachdev) and Bina (Reena Roy) are rescued by a retired army colonel. Years later, both girls grown up to fight Thakur and his men, while the region is still controlled by Harnam and his his son, Ranjeet. Dr. Ajay (Shatrughan Sinha), the son of Sarju, one of Harnam's bonded laborers, returns home. He witnesses the plight of his fellow-villagers and decides to challenge Harnam and Ranjeet - not realizing that no one from the village will dare to stand with him to fight the tyrants. How will Ajay unite the village to revolt against Thakur's autocratic rule? What dangerous plans will Thakur and Ranjeet devise to crush the uprising?

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