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Description :
'Bolo Raam' is a fast paced and gripping thriller and murder mystery. Raam is charged with the murder of his mother, Archana. Whereas, on the other hand Raam falls into a state of shock, after his mother's death and becomes silent, refusing to talk or react to anything. Later, the investigating officer, Indrajeet Singh Rathi is puzzled and frustrated as he is unable to make Raam speak. He consults a psychiatrist, Dr. Ns. Negi to determine the cause of aam's state of mind and the reason behind his silence. The movie progresses when, Indrajeet Singh Rathi the investigating officer, interrogates various personalities for the case, questioning Raam. Every possible motive of murdering the mother was explored. Also, Raam's neighbors, Sub-Inspector Sajid Khan, his daughter Juhi and son Sameer are summoned by Rathi for further interrogation. Will Raam's silence solve the puzzle?

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