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Watch Hindi Action Film - Bombay Crime. Starring: Ankita Jahs, Arjun Thapar, Tinu Anand, Raza Murad, Goga Kapoor. Director: Umesh S. Sharma. Synopsis: Baba and Kaka are the two crime lords controlling the Bombay underworld. The streets of are under the control of dangerous criminal gangs led by them. As the crime rate of the city goes up, the police are baffled in maintaining law and order. Nana, a gang member of Baba gets into conflict with Shiva, a gang member of Kaka. Soon Nana and Kaka call of the truce and a gang war ensues. Only one gang can survive the massacre and with the police hot on their trail, escape becomes a dwindling option. Which gang will escalate to supremacy in the battle for control of Bombay's underworld?

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