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Description :
Deepak Banerjee (Tapas Pal), his wife Dipannita and their kid Binu are tired of the hustle bustle of the city. The hectic work schedule and city's demands make them leave everything and head for their village. Once there, Deepak successfully runs his farm and sells it's produce to the market. But his return to the village doesn't go unnoticed by the shrewd, cruel and lustful Akhay Chandra Ghosal (Deb Mukherjee) who has an evil eye on Deepak's property and wife. He constantly tries to come up with ways to snatch Deepak's fortune. One day, Deepak meets Nandita (Archana Puran Singh) and gets involved with her. But Nandita's husband finds out about the affair and kills them both. Dipannita and Binu are left orphaned. They try to come to terms with the loss of Deepak. However, a few days later a stranger takes shelter in their house and strikes up friendship with Binu. Who is this stranger? Why did he come to Deepak's house? Does he have anything to do with Deepak's death?

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