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In the year 1971 the Indian army has been sent to a deserted place in Longewala region of Punjab to war with the Pakistani Army. Under the command of Major Kuldeep Singh (Sunny Deol), 120 Indian soldiers patrol the desert to keep a check on the Pakistani army. But the Pakistani battalion is over 2000 soldiers strong, consisting of war tanks and all the ammunition needed to crush the Indian army. Now, 120 soldiers have to hold an entire night against 2000 Pakistani soldiers till help arrives in the morning. The Higher command orders Major Kuldeep Singh to retreat as it was impossible to fight. Major Kuldeep Singh and his battalion refuse to fall back and stand their ground to fight hordes of enemies till death. With every soldier having a tale to tell, a family to love, they must protect their country at any cost and fight to supremacy and win the Indo-Pak war.

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