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Description :
Hindi Action Movie Chaalbaaz (2003)
Synopsis: An action packed fare where the hunted becomes the hunter while the hunter runs for cover.
V. V. Airlines owner Mr. Vijay Khanna (Mithun Chakraborthy) is a popular and successful businessman. He lives with his small family consisting of his wife Sheetal (Rupanjali) and his daughter Vinita (Bhavisha). When a dangerous terrorists Bhaiji attacks his office in order to loot it, Vijay Khanna reaches there on time and helps police arrest the terrorist.
Now, Bhaiji needs five crore rupees to get out of the jail, so he hatches a plan to get Vijay's daughter kidnapped. Accordingly his gang kidnap Vinita and demand rupees five crore for her release. The case of kidnapping is handed over to inspector Nirmal Chopra (Rajat Bedi).

Initially, overcome with the love for his child, Vijay agrees to pay the ransom, however an incident happening immediately after aggravates Vijay and he decides not to bow down before the terrorist. He goes live on TV and announces that he will not pay a single penny to the terrorist, he further states that he will pay rupees ten crore to the person who will bring back his daughter safely. Will Vijay Khanna get his daughter back?

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