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Watch Bollywood Horror - Chandani Bani Chudail. Starring: Vijay Solanki, Reena Kapoor, Nisha, Rohit Raj, Pooja Rai, Vikram, Birbal, Anil Dhawan. Director: R. Mittal. Synopsis: Chandni is a young and innocent girl living with her uncle. She is an orphan and is friends with a rich girl named Madhu and they go to the same college. Madhu like the company of men and spends late nights with them which upsets her parents. At one time Chandni tells Madhu's parents her true nature and Madhu ends up in trouble. Madhu and some of the boys from the college kidnap Chandni and later the boys brutally rape her. But Chandini dies and she is tossed into the sea by Madhu and her gang of boys. A vengeful chandni rises from her watery grave as a blood thirsty zombie to kill everyone responsible for her death. As the body count of those responsible rises, the police go on an overdrive to find the murderer. Will Chandni succeed in spilling the blood of everyone responsible for her death?

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