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Description :
Sivaji (Haranath) is the heir in the great King, Sivaji's lineage and was brought up by his mother by telling him about the 'Chandrahas' sword, presented by Tulja Bhavani Mata to his forefather Chatrapati Sivaji. She tells him that the sword was secretly kept in a hidden location and it is very powerful and should be used judiciously. Sivaji's father Chatrapati (Saratbabu) and his neighbor Gaffar (Hariprasad) are best friends. Likewise, Sivaji is friends with Firoz (Abbas) son of Gaffar and his sister Haseena. Sivaji grows up to be an Archaeologist and with the help of his assistant Apsara (Astha Singhal), finds Chandrahas. On the other hand, a group of Muslim terrorists are out to destabilize India in the name of 'Jihad' under the leadership of Liaqat Ali Khan (Puneet Issar). Soon things spiral out of control when Sivaji accuses Feroz, and the fiancé of Haseena, Sohail, of being traitors and attempting to steal the sword. Later, Sivaji is blamed for the killing of Gaffar and he must find a way to clear his name and tackle Liaqat who is determined to obtain Chandrahas at any costs. Will peace be restored before its too late?

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