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Description :
Annapurna, Annu (Nutan) is married to Shamlal (Rehman), the accountant of the local Landlord. Shamlal lives with his step mother and step brother, Ramu. Annu promises her mother-in-law on her death-bed that she will take care of Ramu as her own and always put him first against all. She fulfill her promise inspite of having her own son, Govind. Their happiness comes to a grinding halt when Annu's widowed mother (Lalita Pawar) comes to live with them. Tensions in the home mount as she tries to split the family by trying to drive Ramu out of her daughter's life. Will she succeed in her efforts to split the family? Will Annu be able to choose between her love and duty for her own mother and her promise to Ramu's mother?

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