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Description :
Rupa goes on a trip with her grandmother (Pratima Devi) to the village where they meet the ailing Rai Saheb (Badri Prasad), a wealthy old gentleman. Rai Saheb has an grandson, Rajju, whom Rai Saheb and Rupa's grandfather had long ago decided would someday be married to Rupa. Rai Saheb uses emotional blackmail to persuade Rupa's grandmother to agree to an engagement between Rupa and Rajju. But then Rai Saheb has a heart attack and on his deathbed, he insists that Rupa and Rajju be married immediately. Both the children are under-age and do not know nor understand that they have been married. Rupa's mother, back at home discovers the truth and vows to wipe out every single memory of Rupa ever being married. Years laters, Rupa (Vyjayanthimala) has now grown up to be a lovely young lady and is in love with Ashok (Uttam Kumar). Rupa introduces Ashok to her mother, who approves of him, and plans are set to marry them. Then Roopa finds out that she has already been married in child-hood. This creates a conflict in her. Others too find out and all of a sudden Roopa is ostracized. To add menace to the situation, Rupa's cousin Sonia plots to seperate Ashok from her. How will Rupa and Ashok deal with this stigma? Will they triumph in their love?

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