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Comedy thriller movie Chor Mandli (2005)
Synopsis: Car thief Honda (Amit Mistry) gets his chance at a very wrong place... inside a lock-up. To bank on this opportunity, Honda needs a man who could take his charge of car theft onto himself. Thus, Honda would be free to come out and accomplish his mission... break a vault full of money. Honda asks Chanda (Shweta Keshwani), his bar dancer girlfriend, to find such a man. Chanda approaches Chindi (Razzak Khan) a petty thief, and persuades him to take the blame. Chindi flatly refuses, but promises to find someone. He goes to Nandu Nokia (Kunal Tavre), a young crook, who had some problems, so he guides them to Marco (Vishwajeet Pradhan). Macro's sister was getting married and so he was genuinely unavailable. He directs them to Buta Singh (Dharam Pal). Buta's wife was behind bars he had his small kid to look after, so he takes them to a struggling actor who calls himself Hero (Mukul Dev). Thus, the contenders for the Jackpot are now many. But no one yet knows the whereabouts of this vault, even though everyone has already made plans on how they would be spending the booty. Finally, by a stroke of luck as also their diligent efforts, they locate the vault. With these six unlikely but endearing characters, the simplest of job looked the hardest... as they were masters of goof ups, and at times, unfailingly stupid. Do they reach their goal is what "Chor Mandli" is all about... fun, entertainment and thrill.

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