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Chuppa Chuppi - Full Length Classic Bollywood Movie - 1981 Directed By : Arun Jaitly Starring : Devan Varma, Aruna Irani, Madan Puri, Paintal, Sunder, Helen, Tuntun, Keshto Mukherji, Bhagwan, Satyen Kapoor, Indra Kumar, Music Director : Bhuvan Hari.
Synopsis :Chuppa Chuppi is the hilarious, fun filled love story of a blundering detective William Bose and a mod runaway girl Rani.To escape being married to a ridiculous young man, Rani, daughter of rich parents in the city of Delhi, runs away from home and comes to Bombay,finally securing a job as secretary to an out of work, blundering privatedetective William Bose.Rani's parents, as chance would have it, employ the same detective to search for their missing daughter. Rani is too clever to be caught by her innocent and blundering employer, and she easily manages to change the photograph of the runaway girl which her parents have posted to the detective, thus putting him off on a wrong trail and not letting him suspect that the very girl who works with him throughout the day is the object of his search. But his simplicity, golden- heartedness and good nature make Rani fall desperately in love with him.Following a false clue, William Bose gets entangled with a dangerous criminal and his moll and begins a dare -- devil chase of the notorious criminal.Rani has seen Bombay on arrival -- she has stayed at a drunkard's guest house, she has danced on the streets of Bombay she has gone to cabaret shows in the company of Detective Bose and she has seen and experienced so many other unusual happenings but the most thrilling things happen to her as she finds herself involved with Detective William Bose's encounters with the ruthless gang of criminals. Thrill follows thrill and laugh follows laugh as William Bose finally gets his girl and Rani gets the man she loves!

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