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Description :
Ravi Verma is an unprincipled lawyer, who will bend the law to seek an acquittal for his clients. Ravi helps his father-in-law, Tejeshwar and his friends to imprison Satyaprakash, the local Municipal Commissioner on false grounds. Tejeshwar's friends arrange for Satyaprakash's death in prison, and label it as suicide. Satyaprakash's son Karan finds out about his dad's predicament and swears to avenge his humiliation and death. Karan goes on a rampage grievously injuring Ravi and killing his wife Kajal. After the attack, Ravi is left in a comatose condition and has no recollection of his past life while Tejeshwar and his friends plot to bring back Ravi's memories by hiring a look-alike of Kajal. Will this succeed in helping Ravi regain his memory? How far will Karan go to seek his revenge?

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