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Description :
Kedar Chatterjee (Tapas Pal) is a simpleton whose repeated failures in the B.A exams forces his father to send him to his uncle's house in Bihar. His naive nature makes him the butt of all jokes at his uncle's place. He is mocked at by his cousin Santosh's (Ayan Banerjee) gang of boys led by Bhombal Da (Anup Kumar). Kedar falls in love with Saraswati (Mahua Roychowdhury) at first sight. Bhombal grabs this opportunity to play a prank on Kedar. Thinking Bhombal has all good intentions in heart, Kedar does what Bhombal asks him to win over Saraswati. Saraswati even falls for Kedar not because of Bhombal's many lies but because of Kedar's simple nature. But Bhombal shows his true colour and creates misunderstanding between the two, leading to separation. Will the misunderstandings end between the two? Will Kedar and Sarawati meet?

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