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Dancer (1991)
Synopsis: "This is the story of a Dancer, whose life starts with the pleasant musical evening and moves on in a turbulent river of woes, frustration, love, hate and high emotions.
A dancer gets murdered and his wife is charged with the murder and sentenced to 14 years of imprisonment. But, what happens to their small son Raja?
Raja is sheltered by one called Manglu Chaha who himself is a street dancer, so Raja grows up with Manglus children Datta and Radha to himself become a famous dancer wining numerous competition on the way.
When his mother is released from the prison, Raja brings her back home and keeps on writing his success story with his dancing abilities. During the course of his growing to fame, he meets and falls in love with another dancer Priya. But when Rajas mother meets Priyas father, she gets a terrible shock, and when she tells the secret to Raja all hell breaks loose. What is that secret? Who is Priyas father? "

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