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Description :
Prem Seth (Ranjeet), a dangerous criminal, has cast his eye on the beautiful dancing girl Reshma (Zarina Wahab), little knowing that she is madly in love with his own trusted lieutenant Govinda (Mukesh Khanna). Nor is he aware that she is the daughter of his arch rival, Jamunadas. Jamunadas had entrusted Reshma to the care of Shola Begum; owner of a dancing establishment while she still was a baby. Lonely years have elapsed; Jamunadas feels the urge to get back his daughter, and finds that she prefers the penniless Govinda to all his riches. Govinda learns that his Reshma has spurned her father, and appeals to her not to lose the opportunity. In their own ways, both Govinda and Reshma try to buy her freedom from Shola Begum. Govinda and Reshma must fight al odds in their lives to be together and make their love triumph against evil.

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