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Anand Malhotra (Akshay Kumar) and Sapna Saxena (Karishma Kapoor) are madly in love with each other. Anand is the only son of a very wealthy industrialist, Kailashnath Malhotra (Raju Verma) and Sapna is the daughter of a widowed school teacher, Gayatri Saxena (Tanuja). Soon their relationship is found out by Anand's parents who agree to marry Anand to Sapna. But on the day of engagement, Sapna and her mother leave their house and disappear, disregarding Anand's parents. Kailashnath gets furious over their act which has led to his humiliation and swears not to get Anand married to Sapna. Anand sets out to seek the truth from Sapna and her mother but they refuse to tell him anything. What truth is Gayatri Saxena hiding to protect her daughter from the Malhotra family? Can Anand and Sapna triumph in their love?

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