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Description :
Shekhar (Shashi Kapoor) is a poor orphan who along with his trusted lieutenant Birju runs a garage. Shekhar dislikes women, has lost his faith in God and enjoys to spend time with his friends Bill (Paintal) and Harry (Ranjeet). One night, When Birju introduces him to Kanchan (Zeenat Amaan), a runaway, he refuses to have to do anything with her, but when he finds out that her uncle, Shivraj, has offered a reward for her return, he decides to befriend her and both fall in love. The two get married and are blessed with a son. Their harmonious life enters trouble when Shekhar is given a suitcase by his friend, Bill, who eventually ends up dead. Shekhar finds stolen diamonds inside the suitcase and decides to keep them, much to Kanchan's displeasure. After being betrayed by one of his own in pursuit of the diamonds, Shekar finds out that two gangs, headed by Munne Khan and George Shekhar have abducted Kanchan and his son. How far will Shekhar go to set things right and rescue his family?

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